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  • Claro Summer

    Charly continues surprising us all with his productions for Claro and in this opportunity he presents a summer piece, where the world freezes for a moment generating an amazing visual impact. Notable agency was in charge of the creativity, Agus Claramunt in charge of the photography direction and Mauri Clavijo of the Execuctive Production.

  • Pepsi

    "Right Now" is the new Pepsi commercial directed by Boki&Chelo. A cosmopolitan and dynamic piece that invites us to live to the fullest, live our lives right now! Creativity by JWT Corporation, executive produced by Mauri Clavijo and photography by German Nocella. #Cuttheorutine with#Pepsi

  • Topo Chico

    Water invites us to move, to face new challenges and live life without fear. Boki and Chelo, with a postmodern view represented through an agile staging and sensorial spirit, dare us to rediscover who we are and to live each moment with intensity. Talented Agus Claramunt was in charge of the photography and Mauri Clavijo was responsible for the Executive Production.

  • Patricia - Eyes Shut

    "Eyes Shut" is Punto´s new piece of work for Patricia. The guiding thread of this ad directed by Charly Gutiérrez is those flavours that take us to special memories. Mauri Clavijo was in charge of the executive production, the eye of Agustín Claramunt was responsible for the photography direction, Costi Giordano´s hands were responsible for the art direction and Valentina Luque for costume design.

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Backstage Seguros G&T

Backstage del comercial filmado para Seguros G&T.


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