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  • Whirlpool

    Whirpool has a new commercial directed by the Boki&Chelo duo, for Mexico's Group 5 Agency with Mauricio Clavijo's executive production.

  • Manifiesto

    A manifesto directed by Charly Gutierrez for Kio where we are invited to live. Executive production was at the hands of Mauri Clavijo, Photography through the eyes of Diego Rosemblatt, Art direction by Ceci Guerriero, and wardrobe was Vale Luque’s.

  • Adrenaline - Unplugged

    The new Adrenaline commercial was directed by Charly Gutierrez with the executive production of Diego Robino and photograph of Agustin Claramunt for the Don´t stop me now Agency from Guatemala.

  • Rio

    The new spot for Visa was directed by Charly Guitérrez and filmed with subjective shots for the agency BBDO. Mauri Clavijo was in charge of the executive production. It is an invitation to get in the mood of Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

recent work

Backstage Claro

Comercial dirigido por Charly Gutiérrez para la agencia Notable y su cliente Claro.


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