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  • Adrenaline

    A strong commitment of the agency Don't Stop Me Now in Guatemala for his client Sobe Adrenaline. A daring manifesto that stands out for its visual composition of each of the vignettes that build an irreverent and powerful story. Directed by Charly Gutiérrez, Agustín Claramunt photography, art Ceci Guerriero and executive production of Diego Robino.

  • Valderrama

    A great spot directed by Javi starring an A-class international football star: El Pibe Valderrama! Amazing ad featuring this magician of the ball and Diego Robino´s executive production.

  • Mala Tuya - Amores como el nuestro

    Another work directed by Charly for our friends from Notable and their client Claro. The visual power of this clip invites us to follow the story throughout different images of our main seaside towns in Rocha. Mauri Clavijo was in charge of the executive production and Agustín Claramunt of the photography direction.

  • Gucci Symphonic

    All Gucci´s magic is displayed in this work directed by Charly Gutiérrez for the agency Notable and their client Claro. This work -Charly´s latest addition to his clips reel- has a strong visual component, where the sequence shot invites us to explore a different urban reality.

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