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  • Rio

    The new spot for Visa was directed by Charly Guitérrez and filmed with subjective shots for the agency BBDO. Mauri Clavijo was in charge of the executive production. It is an invitation to get in the mood of Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

  • Rio

    El nuevo comercial de Visa fue dirigido por Charly Gutiérrez y filmado con planos subjetivos para la agencia BBDO con la producción ejecutiva de Mauri Clavijo. Es una invitación a vivir la previa de lo que serán los Juegos Olímpicos de Río 2016.

  • Seguros G&T - Tribute

    A tribute to courage is what this new g&t insurances commercial proposes, created by the 'Don't stop me now' agency from Guatemala and directed by Charly Gutiérrez.

  • Claro Summer

    Charly continues surprising us all with his productions for Claro and in this opportunity he presents a summer piece, where the world freezes for a moment generating an amazing visual impact. Notable agency was in charge of the creativity, Agus Claramunt in charge of the photography direction and Mauri Clavijo of the Execuctive Production.

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Backstage Seguros G&T

Backstage del comercial filmado para Seguros G&T.


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